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Heaven Piano


Discover the tones of magic piano tiles falling from above by tapping the black piano tiles.Watch your steps and don't tap the white piano tiles!Heaven Piano Tiles game comes with many options:1-Challenge mode [New]: How much black magic piano tiles can you tap per second?2-Time mode : so how fast you can tap the magic piano tiles?3-Endless mode : endless fun! tap as match magic piano tiles as you want! Good for training4-"No Fail Mode": you can continue tapping the magic piano tiles and playing the tones even when you tap the white tile! Hit the back button to stop the gameplay.5-Help menu explaining how to play Heaven Piano Tiles game
Heaven Piano Tiles game has no age limit; easy simple and addictive gameplay, you can have fun for long hours or give it to your kids!
Heaven Piano Tiles game is more than just a simple "don't tap the white tile" game, it comes with a creative 3D like piano, enjoy the feeling of the tiles coming towards you from heaven!
Ready to discover Heaven Piano Tiles game?
Have fun! If you like Heaven Piano Tiles game please share with us your opinion!You would like to add a song? please suggest it in the comments and we will do our best to add it.
Happy tapping :-)